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Purveyors of prestige fine fancy fencing since 1961

All supply and installation works undertaken by our own fully skilled staff upon request

The Sussex. One of the more traditional designs made by the Frimley company, yet one of the most popular which we have been making since our founding.

44.50 per panel, posts with ornamental finials 9.50

The Surrey. A design much favoured by those who require a minimum of ornamentation yet still want a simple traditional appearance.

44.50 per panel, posts with ornamental finials 9.50

The Weald. Reflecting the rural life of the chalk downs while enjoying plenty of fragrant ventilation from your garden.

46.50 per panel, posts with ornamental finials 10.50

The Worthing. A design allowing fresh sea breezes to freely circulate and give your garden that aristocratic look.

48.00 per panel, posts with ornamental finials 12.50

The Bognor Regis. A design providing privacy while decoratively representing waves of relaxation.

49.00 per panel, posts with ornamental finials 11.50

The Wentworth. A decorative design which affords good air circulation while maintaining discreet privacy.

53.00 per panel, posts with ornamental finials 12.50

The Cavendish. A combination of fence and trellis to keep your climbing plants happy.

51.50 per panel, posts with acorn finials 12.50

The Abbey. A diamond lattice evoking historic classical design.

55.00 per panel, posts with spire finials 14.00

The Horticulturalist. Vertical spars ideal for your favourite climbing plants.

39.00 per panel, posts with spear finials 11.00

The Hampshire. Part open, part sheltered to protect your border planting.

46.00 per panel, posts with round tops 9.50

The Chevron. Provides shelter for variable height borders.

48.00 per panel, posts with round tops 10.50

Decorative contemporary ironworks undertaken on a contractual basis by our own fully skilled staff

We design, build and fit to your requirements.


Modern contemporary design produced to order and fitted by our own fully skilled staff.


Lets us make your design ideas come to life.


Relive the era that takes your fancy.

'Shattering Geometry'

Bespoke surrealism made to order.

'Juggled Squares'

Make your interest in Cubism solid


Celebrate your love of art

Traditional design with modern standards of engineering.

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Find us at Long Drive South, near the Cobbles roundabout.

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